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China Warns India: Spot Trading Iron Ore Has to Go
The long-slog iron ore negotiations between China and Australia are stalemated, and Chinese steel makers are now beginning to turn up the heat on some of their other trading partners. Pressure is landing on Indian iron ore companies, who have been favoring the expensive spot trade market to more economical and trustworthy long-term trading contracts.
April 29th,2008
FMG to Leverage Valin Investment to Tap China's Credit, Capital Markets
FMG CEO Andrew Forrest revealed that FMG was planning an IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, hoping to become the first overseas mining company to list on China's stock market.
May 11st,2009
Chinese Dealers Hoard Iron Ore and Bet on Price Rebound
China imported 57 million tons of ore in April alone, and annual imports will reach around 700 million tons if that monthly amount remains unchanged, accounting for over 80% of the world's annual iron ore production.
May 15th,2009
Chinalco Drops the (Iron) Ball
Now, the great saga of China's effort to prevent an "conspiracy" of iron ore miners is virtually over.
June 6th,2009
Iron Ore Price Hikes Will Force China's "Going Out"
China, the world's largest steel producer, consumer and exporter, as well as iron ore importer, will have to accept at least the 65% boost in the price of iron-ore reached between major steel producers in Japan and elsewhere and the behemoths that control iron-ore production.
February 22nd,2008
More Shots Fired in Chinalco-Rio Spat
In a surprise move, China's Ministry of Commerce announced that it has regulatory authority over the proposed iron ore joint venture between Australian miners Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.
June 13rd,2009
Canada Also Is the Frontier of China's "Foreign Exchange to Resources"
Besides constantly acquiring in Australia, Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are also eyeing Canada's rich oil sand and iron ore resources.
April 8th,2009
Rio Tinto China Staff Arrested as Iron Ore Haggling Continues
The timing of the arrests was nothing if not suspicious. China is the only major iron ore importer which has not signed a contract for iron ore supplies. The world's business community will be watching this case great attention and concern.
July 12nd,2009
Kicking Out Rio: China's Killer Strategy in Breaking the Iron Miners' Collusion
In the game with the three iron ore giants, China may be able to break the alliance among them if it stops purchasing iron ore from one company and continues buying from the other two, who may then come to a greater appreciation of the opportunity to do business with China.
July 21st,2009
Fortescue's Lower Iron Ore Price Unimpresses the Big Three
The structure of FMG's shareholders may offer some reason for its slightly more reasonable attitude towards price negotiations with CISA.
August 19th,2009