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Breaking Iranian Nuclear Impasse
A solution to break Iran's nuclear impasse is to make it clear that Iran can go ahead with uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes, but it has to be assured as peaceful with close international monitoring, and truly strong international sanctions shall be evoked should there be a violation.
May 7th,2008
US-Israel on Iran: Military Bluff Ineffective
Military bluff is not effective at this stage. While Iran has to be careful not to push the envelope too much, the tension is still within control.
June 15th,2008
DPRK: Moving toward Nuclear Dismantlement
Actually the DPRK started its nuclear disablement from last year already. What truly matters is not nuclear arms control per se. In the DPRK's case, the objective is to dismantle all its nuclear wherewithal, military as well as civilian.
June 28th,2008
US-Indian Nuclear Deal:Moving ahead but Uncertain
Manmohan Singh's government recently survived a critical vote of confidence in the Indian parliament over its support of the US-Indian agreement on civilian nuclear cooperation. Though the win was rather marginal, by 275 votes to 256, New Delhi and Washington are now ready to consummate their nuclear pact.
August 5th,2008
Safeguarding Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
One truly respect Pakistani government and armed forces for their possible ability to control situation and restore order quickly, but the international concern over the security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons are legitimate as such worry is not totally unwarranted.
Bhutto's death and Pakistan's Crisis December 31st,2007
The Tragedy of Pakistan
Whence goes Islamabad? No prophets in this world can foretell. On the one hand, Pakistan could grow more violently, as the assassination could motivate an action-and-reaction wave of revenge. On the other, however, as Benazir's return has catalyzed the confrontation in her country, her sad death could also discourage domestic polarizing, at least after a while.
Benazir Bhutto December 29th,2007
Pyongyang's Nuclear Gambit
It is imperative the North Korea has to do something with America in the next half year, in order to shape the contour of America's DPRK policy of even the next administration. However, the North has little to offer in this game, due to its security restrain and resources available.
May 4th,2008
Can China Have the Iranian Energy Cake and Eat It Too?
The underlying issue is China's need for energy. Blocking Chinese energy investment in one location simply drives it to look for opportunities elsewhere. Maybe the Unocal deal, in hindsight, should have gone through.
March 8th,2008
The Strategic Ambiguity of North Korea's "Satellite" Launch
April 9th,2009