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House Market in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Rebounding, for Now
China's housing market is showing some signs of bounce. During the second week of March, the trading volume of Shanghai's commercial residential housing hit a new high for the past 70 weeks, equaling its level in October, 2007, when the housing market was at a peak. The housing market in Shenzhen has been climbing for three months.
March 18th,2009
Amid Crisis, Shanghai Eyes New Momentum on Global Financial Center
China is preparing for its rise that will follow the financial crisis. Besides Zhou Xiaochuan's proposal to replace the USD with SDR as the world's reserve currency, the Chinese government is determined to finish the construction of Shanghai into a global financial center rivaling New York and London by 2020.
March 27th,2009
China's House Market Responds to Stimulus, for Now
China's real estate market in major cities is seeing a slight growth trend, and developers are breathing a collective sigh of relief. March turnover showed a substantial increase over previous months. But whether this rebound is the real thing or just a passing ray of sunlight amidst ever more dark clouds awaits confirmation of data down the road.
April 12nd,2009
Shanghai Receives Support From Beijing, But Needs More "Animal Spirits"
Shanghai has been criticized for its passivity, waiting for support or favor from the central government.
May 15th,2009