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DPRK: Moving toward Nuclear Dismantlement
Actually the DPRK started its nuclear disablement from last year already. What truly matters is not nuclear arms control per se. In the DPRK's case, the objective is to dismantle all its nuclear wherewithal, military as well as civilian.
June 28th,2008
Pyongyang's Nuclear Gambit
It is imperative the North Korea has to do something with America in the next half year, in order to shape the contour of America's DPRK policy of even the next administration. However, the North has little to offer in this game, due to its security restrain and resources available.
May 4th,2008
North Korea Dragging Powers Deep Into the Nuclear Dilemma
Given the complex nature of this matter related to international system, it is hard to be optimistic to foresee a meaningful nuclear disablement of the DPRK anytime soon.
May 30th,2009
The Strategic Ambiguity of North Korea's "Satellite" Launch
April 9th,2009