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Congratulations, India!
India has just shot an unmanned moon orbiter, Chandrayaan-1, into the space. Let us send our warm congratulations to India!
October 26th,2008
Huawei's Great Leap in India.
If Huawei's growth remains unchanged this year, it will become the second largest telecom equipment provider in the world, only next to Ericsson.
May 12nd,2009
India Democracy Triumphs, Country on a Hopeful Trajectory
Obviously, both Washington and New Delhi might look to each other to balance China's rise, but America may have greater interest in working with China, as a military and economic power, to help stabilize the world.
May 21st,2009
Illusion of "China's Attack on India Before 2012"
However, there is one scenario where there is possibility for war: an aggressive Indian policy toward China, a "New Forward Policy," may aggravate border disputes and push China to use force – despite China's appeal, as far as possible, for peaceful solutions.
July 17th,2009
Can a Chinese Journalist Treat an Indian Young Man Beijing Roasted Duck ?
I don't agree with Mr. Verma, a real expert at least as he claims, who thought a "war" between China and India will be with 100% possibility, while I try to argue the chance will be only 1% only under misled policy, and will be very likely 0 if the two governments manage our border well.
August 19th,2009