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Analysts: RMB Must Depreciate Against USD and Stabilize Against a Basket
An export decline for four straight months is again generating RMB exchange rate disputes in and out of the government. Since currently most major world currencies are depreciating against the USD, if the government focuses on the RMB/USD rate only, risks in the settlement of other currencies will increase.
March 18th,2009
Yuan Appreciation Is Necessary, and Best in April
While the government's strategy has been to delay the appreciation as longer as possible, appreciation expectations for 2010 are becoming deeply rooted on the streets, where the main question concerns the timing.
Yuan;RMB;appreciation;exit strategy March 3rd,2010
Perfect Time for RMB/USD Rearrangement: Devaluation
Since 2003, the greatest obstacle to RMB exchange rate reform has been the expectation of unilateral appreciation of RMB against the dollar. Now would be a perfect time to respond to the wrong expectation through the devaluation of RMB against the dollar.
yuan;rmb;dollar;depreciation;appreciation;peg May 23rd,2010
China Needs a Service-Sector Revolution
It will have to move away from a strategy in which manufactures are the engine of growth toward the model of a more mature economy, in which employment is increasingly concentrated in the service sector.
appreciation;wage increase;service-sector June 20th,2010
Hot Money Inflow Triggers PBoC to Tighten
Hot money flows in due to heightened expectation on RMB appreciation
hot money;RRR;PMI;appreciation October 11st,2010
Hong Kong: Renminbi Deposits Surge
Genuine expansion in the banking sector balance sheet via further development in the offshore Renminbi business.
renminbi;appreciation October 18th,2010
PBoC Rate Hike: More Control on Capital Inflow
Impact on RMB is surely positive, though the PBoC will firmly control the pace of RMB-USD appreciation once pressures from US politicians are alleviated. One thing almost surely to happen is that Beijing will impose more capital control measures to curb hot money inflow.
rate hike;appreciation;capital control October 20th,2010
PBoC Rate Hike: RMB Appreciation Will Continue
This suggests that 3Q GDP growth in 3Q and September CPI inflation-to be released this Thursday-may have also surprised to the upside.
yuan;appreciation October 20th,2010