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China's Forex Reserve Exposed to Huge Risk by Fed's Debt Purchase
We need the US government to guarantee the market value of its government debt, but Obama's promise is not trustworthy. The China Investment Corporation, China's sovereign wealth fund, should also conduct positive investment in global resources. China can partly offset the influence of USD depreciation and global inflation by diversifying its foreign exchange reserve.
March 24th,2009
CIC and SAFE: Coordination or Bureaucratic Conflict?
Underlying the creation of the CIC was a long-running bureaucratic dispute between the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the People's Bank of China (PBOC), China's central bank. SAFE's attempts to expand its own equity investments, clearly encroaching onto the CIC's turf, is likely more reflective of these bureaucratic conflicts than a coordinated government strategy for investing China's foreign exchange reserves.
June 24th,2008
Chinese SWF: We Behave Better Than Hedge Funds
With the holiday season over now, those countries who, acting like Santa Claus, used their sovereign wealth funds (SWF) to extend the lifeline of hard hit banks and other financial institutions on Wall Street need to rethink their image if they intend to buy more.
sovereign wealth funds January 9th,2008
Hot Money Flows Accelerate into China's Reserves
RMB appreciation slowed down a bit in April, but not so the flow of hot money into China.
June 1st,2008
CIC to Buy Morgan Stanley Shares,Showing Signs of Returning Wall Street
After suffering huge book losses caused by the financial crisis and being criticized by the public, Chinese SWFs and state-owned financial institutions are again finding interest in investing in Wall Street.
June 4th,2009
Investors Looking at Overseas Properties, Prompted by Low Prices, Bubbly Domestic Market
A frothy market in China makes both developers and investors interested in real estate nervous. But with overseas property markets often quite undervalued, Chinese investors are heading offshore to take advantage of fire sale prices.
June 17th,2009
A Code of Conduct for Sovereign Wealth Fund "Stupid" Says CIC
The transfer of economic power in the global financial markets has strengthened the hand of China Investment Corporation's (CIC) president as he calmly rejected the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) call for a "code of conduct" for Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF). Such was the unquestionable theme of a first-ever, go-public initiative by CIC, occurring on prime-time, American television during an exclusive interview in Beijing with Gao Xiqing, president of CIC.
April 8th,2008
CIC's Head Thanks Western Protectionism for Preventing Investment Losses
Lou Jiwei, chairman and CEO of CIC, disclosed that, "Europe is more welcoming of investment now and is loosening conditions, and we are considering investment because we are finding a lot of opportunities."
April 20th,2009
CIC on Teck: the Commodities Buying Spree Continues
Many industry-watchers have compared the Chinalco-Rio break up to China National Offshore Oil Company's unsuccessful play for Unocal in 2005, which cooled the pace of Chinese overseas acquisitions for several years. This time around, no such slowdown has occurred.
July 6th,2009
CIC Swims Against the Tide
CIC's move is surprising because it stands in stark contrast to the actions of other sovereign wealth funds, and to those of other Chinese firms making investments abroad.
August 2nd,2009