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Official PMI Tops 50: Is China's Manufacturing out of Woods?
March's official Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) for China's manufacturers, just released by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, was 52.4, 3.4 points higher than in February. After a 4-month rebound, the official PMI again stands above 50%, the "Bull/Bear line" reflecting overall economic expansion. It has been below the line for 6 consecutive months.
April 3rd,2009
China's Recovery Losing Steam with Exports Still Slowing
Still, for domestic demand-led firms, inventory surpluses and excess capacity have yet to be dealt with, and rebound instability in the tangible economy is inevitable.
May 15th,2009
Hot Money Inflow Triggers PBoC to Tighten
Hot money flows in due to heightened expectation on RMB appreciation
hot money;RRR;PMI;appreciation October 11st,2010
China's Growth Is Poised to Decelerate
In the wake of the government's intensified measures to curb inflation,business conditions point to a significant deterioration.
inflation;PMI;tight credit November 29th,2010
Slump in Domestic New Orders and PMI Decline Respond to China's Anti-inflation Tightening
The decline was mainly driven by a slump in domestic new orders, suggesting manufacturers might become more cautious amid the government's tightening measures in response to rising inflation.
PMI;tightening;inflation;slowdown January 1st,2011
Chinese New Year Effect on Jan/Feb Macro Data
YoY CPI inflation in Jan may be distorted upwards as food prices usually rise prior to the CNY; YoY trade in Jan growth could also be partially lifted as traders would frontload their shipment before workers head home.
PMI;Chinese New Year;CPI;PPI February 1st,2011