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China Mobile's OPhone Launched Soon, Targeting iPhone
OPhone mainly supports TD-SCDMA network, but can also support GSM network and LTE-based 4G network.
May 12nd,2009
A Million "Illegal" iPhones in China
Compared with the popularity in China, iPhone sales in North America were exceeded by RIM's BlackBerry for the first time.
May 10th,2009
Apple's Slow Boat to China Gains Speed as iPhone Gains Block-Buster Consumer Acceptance
Eventually, the momentum of robust sales should push a China telecom into the arms of Apple.
China Unicom,iPhone,Apple June 23rd,2009
iPhone Tested, Expected to Debut in China As Early As September
Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen has begun to produce a 3G iPhone specially designed for China Unicom.
July 18th,2009
Google Expects Android to Beat iPhone into China's Market
July 21st,2009
A Suicide, and Heavy Competition, in the iPhone Business
Pressure in the high-end cell phone manufacturing business in China has never been higher, and it has now led to a death.
July 23rd,2009
Reports of Apple-Unicom Agreement Premature
July 29th,2009
Wooing iPhone: the Saga of China Mobile and Unicom
With the news that China Unicom will soon introduce Apple's iPhone in China, it seems iPhone is only one step away from users here. However, with smuggled iPhones popular in China while iPhone is getting a cold shoulder in Japan, what conditions China Unicom will accept from Apple may stir up a sensation. China Mobile and Hong Kong CSL have not been willing so far to accept what they term iPhone's arbitrary conditions. Operators have developed a love-hate relationship towards iPhone and Apple.
April 3rd,2009
As Its Ophone Débuts, China Mobile Keeps in Touch with iPhone Opportunities
September 2nd,2009
Grilled by iPhone's Shining China Launch, BlackBerry Eager to Partner Up with ChinaTelecom
ChinaTelecom needs an end product with global influence to promote its new 3G communication services, while Blackberry can increase channels to develop company and individual users.
November 2nd,2009