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China's Steel Industry Squeezed by Declining Demand and Anti-Dumping Threats
China's domestic steel prices have been dropping for ten straight weeks.
April 20th,2009
The World's Steel Warehouse: China's Stimulus Worsens Overcapacity
But the small companies are making money and the large companies are losing money.
May 14th,2009
Steel, Aluminum Prices Plummet; Production Surpluses Growing
At the moment, most of China's steel mills are at or nearing full capacity.
August 25th,2009
China's Steel Industry Is a Big Problem for Both Climate and Trade
China has overtaken the US as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG), to which steel industry contributes no small part.
climate;steel;trade war January 4th,2010
Daily Crude Steel Output Continued Climbing in Late Feb
Robust steel output suggests that business confidence in China is not much impacted by monetary tightening
steel;business confidence March 10th,2011