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China Currency Report Expected Less Gentle from Geithner
Will President Obama stand by his endorsement when he was a senator of the Fair Currency Act? How can the Obama administration expect the Chinese to keep buying US Treasury bonds and not have right to stabilize the currency market which could be a Waterloo for China if it allowed free market forces to operate? The answers to these questions should be answered imminently.
April 12nd,2009
The Zhou-Geithner Connection
The special relationship held by Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the People's Bank of China, former President of China Construction Bank and former Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade, with the Group of Thirty may hold important insights into China's rising role in international monetary affairs.
November 23rd,2008
The United States and China, Cooperating for Recovery and Growth
Global problems will not be solved without U.S.-China cooperation. That goes for the entire range of issues that face our world from economic recovery and financial repair to climate change and energy policy.
June 1st,2009
As GM Filing for Bankruptcy, Geithner Sounds Optimistic in Beijing
"What is bad for General Motors is bad for America?"
June 1st,2009
Geithner Assuages Chinese Public about America's Debt
The USD is facing great risk of depreciation, so is the rate of return and security of the US national debt.
June 1st,2009
Governor Zhou's Recipe for Peking Roast Duck
Global economic conditions give power to savers. As a result the "manipulation" accusation is a dead duck, cooked quietly and diplomatically using a Peking Roast Duck recipe.
April 19th,2009