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CSRC, Market Nervous, But New IPOs Are Coming
It has not yet been decided exactly when to restart IPOs as this will depend on the state of the stock markets. If a large slump were to occur, IPOs might well be again suspended with no time limit.
May 25th,2009
Bubble Concerns Spur New Energy A-Share Stocks Sell-Off
Institutional investors and senior managers of listed new energy companies are cutting their share holding in these firms.
June 21st,2009
National Pension A-share Holding Policy Hopes to Stabilize the Market
And investors also hope the policy will help offset the downward pressure posed by the end of the moratorium of Initial Public Offering.
June 22nd,2009
Shanghai Plans International A-share Board, and Is Attracting Big Fish
Quite a few multinational companies are eager to list on the A-share market, including HSBC, which reportedly plans to raise $3 billion to $5 billion from its listing.
August 6th,2009
Roubini's "Phantom Recovery" and China's Market Correction
Last week's stock market correction reflected the worry of real economy recovery deep in investors mind.
August 15th,2009
Jim Rogers: Wait and See Investment in A-shares, Big City Real Estate
Rogers noted that although China's economy is improving, market risk is brewing, and he predicted the Hong Kong market could have problems in the next few months, which will affect the domestic market. Rogers believes that the current autumn round is perhaps the shift from bear to bull market, and investors should be patient and wait for opportunities to buy rather than rush into the market.
September 11st,2009