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Hot Money Flows Accelerate into China's Reserves
RMB appreciation slowed down a bit in April, but not so the flow of hot money into China.
June 1st,2008
"Hot Money" at the Gates of China's Market
Under the influence of hot money, the Hang Seng is likely to go above 20,000 point. However, uncertainty over the flow of hot money is causing alarm among some observers. Once flows abate, Hong Kong stocks may face a serious downturn.
June 8th,2009
Hot Money Boosts China Asset Prices, and More is Coming
August 12nd,2009
Trade Rebound and Expected RMB Appreciation Have Hot Money Flooding Back In
The rising recovery coupled with appreciation expectations make China once again a magnet for global funds.
October 15th,2009
China's 2010 Monetary Policy Subject to Hot Money
Based on RMB appreciation expectations, hot money will continue its inflow in 2010. China's current exchange rate policy lacks flexibility, and capital flows can't be automatically adjusted though exchange rates.
hot money;monetary policy December 8th,2009
Hot Money Inflow Triggers PBoC to Tighten
Hot money flows in due to heightened expectation on RMB appreciation
hot money;RRR;PMI;appreciation October 11st,2010