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Credit Expansion May Continue to Year's End and Hit 9 Trillion Yuan
The credit growth this year has flowed mainly to large projects and companies owned by central and local governments.
April 14th,2009
Bank Watchdogs See Risks Rising from 6.1% Q1 GDP Growth
The CBRC is also very worried about loans to local government projects
April 16th,2009
China Strives to Keep Its Export Share in World Market
The State Council has changed the goal from stopping the fall of volume to stopping the fall of market share of " made in China" in the world market.
May 30th,2009
China's Economy in Turmoil: Bubbles in a Downturn
There's ice on the export side, while there's flame on the real estate market side, and China's effort to create internal demand is being distorted.
June 13rd,2009
Krugman: Dollar Depreciation May Cause China's US Asset Losses to Add Up
April 15th,2009
Q2 Growth Close to 8%, More Stimulus Policies in Doubt
There is still debate over whether to continue the first half's easy monetary policy or to implement anti-inflation steps in the second half of this year, but it seems unlikely any new economic stimulus will be introduced.
June 26th,2009
China Stimulus Plan Criticized for "Crowding Out" Private Sector
Private companies are claiming that they too require financing opportunities, open markets, and tax cuts.
August 7th,2009
China Leaders to Maintain Stimulus and Innovation Policies
Prime Minister Wen said the government must maintain the comparatively rapid economic growth and adjust economic structure at the same time to and make economic development more sustainable and competitive.
August 10th,2009
"Don't Stop the Investment Surge!" Says the World to China
Were China to tighten up its monetary policy, it would deal a blow to the fragile recovery of the world economy.
September 3rd,2009