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House Market in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Rebounding, for Now
China's housing market is showing some signs of bounce. During the second week of March, the trading volume of Shanghai's commercial residential housing hit a new high for the past 70 weeks, equaling its level in October, 2007, when the housing market was at a peak. The housing market in Shenzhen has been climbing for three months.
March 18th,2009
Housing Market Faces Huge Inventories, Unrecouped Funds, and No Buyers
Demand has not disappeared in the real estate market, but most potential buyers, afraid that the housing prices will drop soon after their purchase, dare not take the leap. On the other hand, developers, anticipating macroeconomic and housing price rebounds, are unwilling to cut prices. Neither is budging.
March 11st,2009
China's House Market Responds to Stimulus, for Now
China's real estate market in major cities is seeing a slight growth trend, and developers are breathing a collective sigh of relief. March turnover showed a substantial increase over previous months. But whether this rebound is the real thing or just a passing ray of sunlight amidst ever more dark clouds awaits confirmation of data down the road.
April 12nd,2009
Real Estate Developers Optimistic, But It's Hard to See Why
In May, a traditional peak season for China's real estate sales, transactions for forward delivery housing began to decline.
May 12nd,2009
Local Governments Manipulate Land Prices to Boost Growth, and Coffers
They are joining in the bidding for local land through government-controlled companies in order to get loans from banks, so bank loans can be transformed into governments' fiscal income. Some local governments have even ordered state-owned enterprises under their control to enter the real estate market to boost housing prices.
May 19th,2009
China's Real Estate Market Rebounding Still in Doubts
Home buyers' judgments on the market trend are mainly based on the calculations of possible housing supplies in the future. However, these calculations differ and have never been proved, leading to different predictions.
May 28th,2009
China to Keep House Market Rebound Momentum by Lowering Developers' Capital Threshold
The reduction of the capital ratio this time will release at least 300 billion yuan for real estate investment in the second half of the year.
May 31st,2009
Funds Escaping from Manufacture Re-balloon China's Housing Market Bubble
With loose credit, inflation expectation and the lift of measures against property speculation, more and more investors are entering the market to gamble, which is making the housing bubble prices in Shenzhen rise again.
May 29th,2009
Real Estate Market Rebounding, But Rising Prices May Stifle Demand
the changes in housing prices indicate the rebound of the market's confidence, but too rapid price growth will stymie demand and bring uncertainties to the market. For developers, stable and rational housing prices are better for a steady rebound of the industry.
June 16th,2009
China's Real Estate Party Heading for a Painful Morning-After
That the real estate market party is bubbling, and that the bubble is not sustainable, is not a mystery. The only question is when the dawn will come to greet the revelers and how bad the hangover is going to be.
July 20th,2009