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Power Generation Declines: China's Recovery Is Lagging
Although PMI is continuing to rebound, some sub-indicators such as materials and finished product inventories are falling back again, indicating no increase in terminal demand.
May 6th,2009
Electricity Consumption Recovering? Made in China Rebounding?
"Slower power generation decline in the second ten days of May means some of China's industrial growth was accelerating. It was also related to the government's adjustment to industrial structure. Energy and non-ferrous metal prices are rising and relevant enterprises are showing signs of rebound,"
May 26th,2009
Again, China's Electric Consumption Does Not Support Official Growth Statistics
Power consumption in Sichuan dropped 9.9% in the first quarter, but its economic growth in the same period reached 10.8%.
June 5th,2009
Falling Power Generation in April= China's Economy Still in the Woods
Power generation and consumption is a leading economic indicator, a wind vane for future economic trends. A February bounce in power generation that continued in the first half of March was welcomed by economic policy makers, not least Premier Wen Jiabao, as a sign of recovery. It was, perhaps, a false hope as power generation again declined in late March. China Electricity Regulatory Commission officials predict a 4% decline in power generation in April.
April 24th,2009
May's Statistics Paint a Very Confusing Picture
Economic figures for China's merry month of May do not add up. It reads as the best month since the outbreak of the financial crisis according to investment and industrial growth, while from power generation and enterprises' deposits it seems to be a month of frustration.
June 15th,2009
State Council: Listen Up! Economic Recovery is Looking Rosy!
"Favorable conditions and active factors for the economic development are growing, and the overall situation is stabilizing and becoming better,"
June 18th,2009
The Economy Is "Rebounding", but Employment Is Lagging
Most of China's employment opportunities are created by private companies, foreign-invested companies, and export companies, but private companies are not the direct beneficiary of this round's economic stimulus, export companies are seeing steep decline in production and profit, and FDI has declined for eight straight months.
June 19th,2009
Q2 Growth Close to 8%, More Stimulus Policies in Doubt
There is still debate over whether to continue the first half's easy monetary policy or to implement anti-inflation steps in the second half of this year, but it seems unlikely any new economic stimulus will be introduced.
June 26th,2009
Credit Glut Props Up Growth, Sowing Seeds of Trouble Down the Road
China's GDP grew by 7.9% in the second quarter, buoyed by "extremely loose" monetary policy that has boosted investment growth to uncomfortably high levels. The economic growth promoted by investment alone looks likely to add to both imbalances in internal demand and pressures for economic adjustment in the future.
July 17th,2009