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China's Excess Liquidity Trap
In spite of the fact that average per capita income is still very low (about $2,500 in 2007), China has become a super well-funded country. Household deposits in the banking system are very high and increasingly liquid; large enterprises are on average very profitable and cash-rich; the government ran a budget surplus in 2007; the country is a net exporter of capital and has more foreign exchange reserves than it knows what do with.
August 19th,2008
China's Real Estate Party Heading for a Painful Morning-After
That the real estate market party is bubbling, and that the bubble is not sustainable, is not a mystery. The only question is when the dawn will come to greet the revelers and how bad the hangover is going to be.
July 20th,2009
China Inflation Expectations Building
As international commodity prices are increasing due to expectations of USD depreciation, international and domestic factors may lead to stagflation.
August 12nd,2009
China's 30-year CPI Growth Systemically, Greatly Under-counted
If CPI systematically underestimates the decline in purchasing power, it is of significance for the judgment of national well-being. The deposit interest rate over the past 30 years has always been coupled with CPI, and savers have supposedly received interest based on the CPI growth. If the ratio of CPI to the purchasing power of money is underestimated, it means that savers have suffered an enormous loss of purchasing power.
cpi;inflation;purchasing power December 22nd,2009
Chinese Economy 2011: A Year of Reflation
If Chinese authorities were to mainly rely on administrative controls over monetary aggregates instead of allowing price-based policy instruments such as rate hikes and appreciation of the Renminbi to control inflation, the risk of policy-induced boom (in 2010) and bust (2011) cycle would be on the rise.
China economy;2011;inflation November 22nd,2010
China's Growth Is Poised to Decelerate
In the wake of the government's intensified measures to curb inflation,business conditions point to a significant deterioration.
inflation;PMI;tight credit November 29th,2010
Slump in Domestic New Orders and PMI Decline Respond to China's Anti-inflation Tightening
The decline was mainly driven by a slump in domestic new orders, suggesting manufacturers might become more cautious amid the government's tightening measures in response to rising inflation.
PMI;tightening;inflation;slowdown January 1st,2011
China's Strong Growth Momentum and Inflation Acceleration: Inadequate Upfront Tightening?
The chief risk at the current juncture is inadequate upfront tightening, which would contribute to even higher inflation and trigger a potential panic, political campaign-style tightening later, in our view.
inflation;growth;tightening January 21st,2011
China Raise Interest Rates to Combat Inflation Expected to the New High
China raised interest rates for the third time since mid-October ahead of a report forecast to show inflation accelerated to the fastest pace in 30 months.
inflation;rate hike;food prices February 8th,2011
China's Lending Curb: An Indication to Harness Total Social Financing?
According to the PBOC release, the share of RMB bank loans in total social financing declined to 55.6% in 2010 from 92% in 2002.
RRR;inflation;lending curb;Total Social Financing February 19th,2011