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China's Pension System: A Race with the Aging Tsunami
Of those troubles that may put China's growth sustainability in jeopardy, the top one is a seriously flawed pension system.
March 1st,2008
China's Long March to Retirement Reform
China's success in preparing for its coming age wave will have profound implications for its future prosperity.
May 11st,2009
"China's Century" Hinges on Its Management of Demographic Transformation
After 2025, when China is no longer able to harvest its "demographic dividends," China's economic growth is going to have to hinge on the skill, not the size, of its population.
September 29th,2009
The Problem of an Ageing Population Is Here: Millions of Migrant Workers Can't Retire
Most workers migrate from poor provinces to rich ones, and as they are forced to withdraw from the pension system, they simply leave the greater part of their benefits to the rich provinces, so the system is actually exacerbating the already great gap between rich and poor provinces
October 13rd,2009