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CCTV Turns Negative Reporting into Cash from Baidu
Entrepreneurs usually need to pay for appearances on such programs, so it figured that a substantial amount of cash changed hands between Baidu and CCTV.
May 5th,2009
Baidu and Google Compete for Dominance in Wireless Search
Li Yinan, China's legendary chief technology officer, who helped Ren Zhengfei lead Huawei to become a world telecom giant, is the man who is the driving force behind what is happening now.
May 6th,2009
Baidu Stumbles Again: Sales Staff on Strike
Baidu cut basic salary for a sales representative, originally about 4000 yuan or $590 per month, by about 30% on May 1, and at the same time lifted sales targets, threatening to dismiss those who do not reach their targets.
May 19th,2009
Who Profits from Google's Misfortune?
China's net is rife with conspiracy suspicions but as yet there has been no confirmation of any of them.
June 21st,2009
Shanda Literature to Sue Baidu over Piracy
Shanda Literature is making claims against popular Chinese search engine Baidu, saying that it is allowing the theft of its copyrighted content, and is to launch an infringement suit against it supported by Chinese writers and organizations for creative industries.
Shanda;Baidu;piracy December 19th,2009
Should Baidu Giggle at Google's Possible Withdrawal?
Baidu CEO Robin Li has said that it is difficult to see where Google will be in five years time. He must be aware that, despite the withdrawal of his greatest competitor, Google's withdrawal from China may be a harbinger of troubles for Baidu.
google;baidu; January 14th,2010