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Former MS Banker Insider Trading Case Shows Crackdown in Hong Kong
Scrutiny is now being extended beyond the illegal doings of corporate executives to that of financial advisory professionals, including those who serve at large investment banks.
May 6th,2009
CIC to Buy Morgan Stanley Shares,Showing Signs of Returning Wall Street
After suffering huge book losses caused by the financial crisis and being criticized by the public, Chinese SWFs and state-owned financial institutions are again finding interest in investing in Wall Street.
June 4th,2009
CIC Swims Against the Tide
CIC's move is surprising because it stands in stark contrast to the actions of other sovereign wealth funds, and to those of other Chinese firms making investments abroad.
August 2nd,2009
Morgan Stanley's CICC Stake: What's It Worth and Who Will Get It?
With China's economy well on the path of recovery and Chinese companies investing overseas and listing both on the A-share and overseas markets, MS is expecting a high valuation.
November 10th,2009