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China Set to Lead in "New Energy" Car Production
The government now seems to be deciding whether to achieve technical breakthroughs first or rather cultivate the market.
May 4th,2009
China to Launch a 2 Trillion Yuan New Energy Investment Plan
The wind power industry looks to be the largest beneficiary of the plan.
May 7th,2009
China Accelerates New Energy Strategy, Aiming at 17% of Power Supply by 2020
August 1st,2009
China's New Energy Gold Rush Frothing, Or Not
The new energy industry in China has ridden a roller coaster over the past year.
September 23rd,2009
ENN-Duke Deal: China's Leading New Energy Tech Penetrates US Market
China hopes that Sino-US energy cooperation will lead to breakthroughs in four fields: new energy vehicles, energy-saving buildings, carbon capture and storage, and bio-energy.
October 26th,2009
CIC Bets on Solar, New Energy as Inflation Hedge
CIC's move in the energy field marks its second this month after investing $1.58 billion in AES Corporation, an electricity generator, on November 6.
November 20th,2009