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Chinese Coal Prices Up Over Safety Crackdown
An accident on February 22 at the Tunlan Coal Mine in Shanxi Province, China's major coal producer, killing 78 workers, seems to have gotten the attention of safety officials. The Shanxi provincial government moved swiftly after the accident and has launched a one-year safe-production campaign, which is already boosting coal prices.
March 3rd,2009
Power Plant-Coal Miners Spat Home Favors International Coal Prices
As negotiations with domestic coal companies stalemated, China's five electric power companies are now importing coal from overseas. This, together with the rebound of the Chinese economy, is boosting prices for coal imported from Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia, but not enough so as to make it uneconomical to continue imports.
April 9th,2009
China - World's Largest Miner - Is Short of Coal
While China, an importer of enormous amounts of iron ore, is doing its utmost to avoid a crippling price rise for that particular commodity, it is also the world's largest coal miner and many here would be quite happy to see its price shoot for the moon. But price hike or no price hike, China's coal future is facing difficulties.
March 14th,2008
"Big Five" Power Firms Squeezing Coal Prices by Threatening Global Purchasing
The big five, jointly with Zhongneng Electric Power Industry Fuel Company (Zhongneng) and China Resources Power Holdings Company, are planning an overseas coal purchase fair. A source close to the big five said heads of fuel sectors of these companies might form a coordination group and that Zhongneng might then invite bids on behalf of all the companies.
February 18th,2009