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Coke's Acquisition of Huiyuan, and More, in Peril
Coke's recently announced $2 billion additional investment in China may be at stake. Such regulatory niggling would also add to Coke's major frustration in China's non-carbonate beverage market. If the deal were to fail because of regulatory pressure, China would be seen as reinforcing protectionism. The US has in the past made Chinese acquisitions difficult on its home ground, and rejection of the Huiyuan deal would certainly be interpreted as a revenge move.
March 18th,2009
The Death of Coke-Huiyuan Deal, A Rebirth of Protectionism
China's decision to reject the Coca-Cola's $2.4 billion bid for China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd.may trigger a tide of protectionism not only between the country and America, but also among developing countries.
March 18th,2009
Coca-Cola Emphatically Denies Human Rights Violations in Its China Businesses
Mr. Harrington's argument relates to ensuring that companies take steps to support U.S. economic interests. He may one day end up having an effect on China. But since he only got 4% of the vote at the Coca-Cola meeting today in Georgia, any negative effect on China is a long way off.
April 24th,2009
With Troubles at Home, Coke and Pepsi Turn to Herb Formula in China
The two have recently witnessed the boom of Wanglaoji Cool Tea, which originated from the south of China, and will undoubtedly choose herb as one new way of development.
July 1st,2009
Coke to Put Up $2 billion Stake in China, Hedging Decline in NA Market
Amidst the global economic downturn, Coca Cola is set to increase its direct investment in China by $2 billion within the next three years, a larger sum than its total investment in China since it returned there in 1979.
March 9th,2009