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China's Dollar Reserve Risk Management Strategy Taking Shape
China has already begun the process of diversifying its foreign exchange reserve assets, pushing settlement in yuan with its trading partners, and pressuring the US government to be responsible in its fiscal policy.
June 8th,2009
China Encourages Use of Forex Reserves for Overseas Investment to Help Exports
SAFE says the new policy helps to relieve the funding problem of enterprises with direct overseas investment and will therefore stimulate export growth.
June 9th,2009
China's "Marshall Plan": Use Forex Reserves to Aid Damaged Economies, Build Markets
But many experts worry that a Chinese "Marshall Plan" would trigger hostility among traditional donor states in Europe. Some countries see China as a developing new colonist. Time, effort and care will be necessary to combat this view.
August 6th,2009
Beijing Welcomes TIPS Issue for Forex Reserves Security
Issuing too many TIPS would be a frank admission by the US of future inflation. But with the whole world watching and questioning, the US is trying to prove that it can avoid inflation, maintain the dollar's dominance, and continue to lead the world.
August 10th,2009
Trade Rebound and Expected RMB Appreciation Have Hot Money Flooding Back In
The rising recovery coupled with appreciation expectations make China once again a magnet for global funds.
October 15th,2009