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China's Economy in Turmoil: Bubbles in a Downturn
There's ice on the export side, while there's flame on the real estate market side, and China's effort to create internal demand is being distorted.
June 13rd,2009
Investors Looking at Overseas Properties, Prompted by Low Prices, Bubbly Domestic Market
A frothy market in China makes both developers and investors interested in real estate nervous. But with overseas property markets often quite undervalued, Chinese investors are heading offshore to take advantage of fire sale prices.
June 17th,2009
Half of China's Massive Stimulus Lending Playing with Stocks, Houses, not the Real Economy
About 20% of the credit funds have found their way into the stock market and about 30% into the note market, meaning about half the lending is circulating inside the financial system and pushing up asset prices.
June 30th,2009
Cash Rich SOEs Pushing Real Estate Bubble Ever Higher
September 11st,2009
SAFE's Billions Slipping into US, Foreign Markets
The State Administration of Foreign Exchange(SAFE), the agency stewarding China's $2.4 trillion foreign exchange reserves under the People's Bank of China, has invested billions of dollars in a number of US hedge funds and asset management firms, including Pacific Investment Management Co,(PIMCO)、BlackRock, and Bridgewater Associates.
SAFE;exchange reserves;CIC;PIMCO;BlackRock March 15th,2010
De-leverage, Re-leverage, Greek Debt Crisis, and China's House Bubble
The serious imbalance of fiscal authority between the central and local governments, and the lacking of local governments of the right to issue debt, has forced local governments into the high-leverage game and expanding real estate bubbles through excessive housing price manipulation, the so called "land management", and large-scale bank borrowing.
de-leverage;government debt;house bubble March 20th,2010
Housing Market: China's Own "Too Big to Fail"
For the speculator or investor, real property in China has become virtually risk free. For a home buyer, the story is less happy. The later one enters the market, the deeper the financial waters to tread. Little wonder that people are in such an irrational (or rational!) hurry to put their money into the housing market.
house bubble;house market April 14th,2010