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CNOOC Announces Profits, New Investment
According to analysts, the P/E ratios of Chinese oil companies have dropped to reasonable levels. With oil prices around $40 per barrel, the dynamic P/E ratios of PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC stand at 6.3, 8.9, and 14.4, respectively, quite reasonable according to historical P/E and their expected future growth.
March 16th,2009
Sinopec Benefits from New Oil Product Pricing Mechanism
With the new oil product pricing mechanism, its net profit for this year's first quarter will grow at least 50% year over the same period last year.
March 30th,2009
Can China Have the Iranian Energy Cake and Eat It Too?
The underlying issue is China's need for energy. Blocking Chinese energy investment in one location simply drives it to look for opportunities elsewhere. Maybe the Unocal deal, in hindsight, should have gone through.
March 8th,2008
China's Diesel Shortage Moves North, Hits Shanghai
South China's two-week-old diesel shortage is now spreading northwards and has begun to affect the Shanghai area. The Shanghai Economic Commission declared last weekend that the city's diesel reserve can meet only 10 days' demand. Meanwhile, calls for a lifting of retail price controls, or at least a rise in oil product prices, are again being heard.
March 24th,2008
China's Oil Future Market Stymied by PetroChina and SinoPec
The higher the international crude oil price is, the less likely China is to establish a crude oil futures market in a short period.
June 5th,2009
PetroChina, SinoPec and CNOOC Grab Oil Assets Ahead of Recovery
In the wake of the financial crisis, state oil companies have taken a leading role in M&A market with China's national petroleum corporations assuming a dominant position.
June 12nd,2009
Chinese Oil Giants Making Their Way into Iraq
Iraq is becoming an increasingly important blot on the map for Chinese oil companies' overseas expansion. Four Chinese firms are bidding for oil fields in Iraq, offering to provide funding and technology to Iraq companies that are anxious to resume their own production.
June 26th,2009
Sinopec's Risk Taking Bid For Addax
The Addax acquisition is the latest in a string of major overseas purchases by Chinese companies.
June 26th,2009