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Riding the Tiger
The government's stimulus policies are putting China on the road to both a solid recovery and serious imbalances.
August 20th,2009
Stimulus Hasn't So Far Motivated Private Investment, Boosted Consumption,Premier Wen Admits
After the introduction of the 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus package, many scholars and experts criticized the plan for focusing too much on investment and economic growth instead of structural adjustment, which further aggravates the economy's imbalances.
August 25th,2009
A High Price Will Be Paid for the New Economic Imbalances the Stimulus Creates
FDI in China has continuously declined over the past year, while the market dominance by and protection of SOEs are strengthening. With less dependence on international markets and foreign capital, China is feeding an illusory sense of superiority, ignoring the true challenges it faces in a rush to return to an old and failed system.
September 15th,2009
Local Governments Swarming Beijing for SOE Investment
Local governments in China are finding it increasingly difficult to attract foreign investment, and with private enterprises being crowded out, they have turned their attention to the currently flush state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and are swarming into Beijing in order to connect up with them.
September 21st,2009
RMB 4 Trillion Stimulus vs RMB 5 Trillion Debts: Looming Local Government Credit Risk Explosion
The city investment bond, also known as "quasi-municipal debt," is a kind of corporate bond and medium-term note issued publicly for local infrastructure or public projects, with the local financing platform as the main issuing body.
October 17th,2009