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Overseas Investment on Resources and Manufacturing Made Easier
The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) yesterday issued new Regulations Governing Overseas Investment, encouraging enterprises to invest overseas by simplifying approval procedures.
March 17th,2009
China Encourages Use of Forex Reserves for Overseas Investment to Help Exports
SAFE says the new policy helps to relieve the funding problem of enterprises with direct overseas investment and will therefore stimulate export growth.
June 9th,2009
Investors Looking at Overseas Properties, Prompted by Low Prices, Bubbly Domestic Market
A frothy market in China makes both developers and investors interested in real estate nervous. But with overseas property markets often quite undervalued, Chinese investors are heading offshore to take advantage of fire sale prices.
June 17th,2009
China's Outbound Foreign Direct Investment - The Great Leap Outward
With four months left to go in the year, the list of Chinese outbound investments is likely to grow even further, revealing more about the ambitions of the Beijing government and China's business community.
August 25th,2009
SOEs Reaping Fine Overseas Investment Profits
Overseas M&A has become an important strategy for China's enterprises to maintain sustained rapid development as well as gain technology, market, and other resources.
October 27th,2009