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"Don't Stop the Investment Surge!" Says the World to China
Were China to tighten up its monetary policy, it would deal a blow to the fragile recovery of the world economy.
September 3rd,2009
China Isn't Ready to Abandon Stimulus Policy
China has joined the consensus reached at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in London for maintaining financial support and expansionary monetary policy.
September 7th,2009
Are China and the US Locked-In and Waiting for the Other to Exit?
China and US may be waiting until the other is strong enough to contribute more demand. If so the devil is in the timing and sequencing.
September 18th,2009
Debate, Domestic and International, Rages over China's Recovery Policy, and Its Implications for 2010
Certainly debate is healthy, but uncertainties and confusion send difficult messages to sensitive markets both domestic and international.
November 2nd,2009
A-Share Market Feels Pain on Expansionary Policy Exit
The falling A-shares have analysts almost unanimously pointing to the tightening of policy. Banks, real estate, coal, nonferrous metals, and cyclical industries have taken the worst hits from capital flight, while the performance of defensive industries such as bio-medicine and agriculture have seen less change.
A-share;exit February 4th,2010
China's Economy: Slowdown, but no Crisis or Collapse, Ahead
Economic rebalancing seems to be underway – it is too early to tell, but 2009 may turn out to have been turning point.
soft landing;collapse;crisis;exit June 3rd,2010