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Who Still Believes Goldman Sachs?
The brain drain from GSC's research team has resulted in a significant decline of its status among domestic institutions. Talent is said to have fled GS in droves for its bad business performance and the people remaining are basically sales staff recruited by GS from preeminent brokerages such as Shenyin &Wanguo Securities in better times.
March 18th,2009
ICBC at the Top and Sitting Pretty
The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has seen another golden harvest, even during the global financial drought. In 2008 its performance consolidated the bank's status as the world's largest by market value and it also became the world's most profitable.
March 26th,2009
Is Goldman Sachs Running a Derivatives Casino?
State-owned enterprises such as Shenzhen Shennan Circuit Co.(SCC) and Air China have recently suffered big losses in international derivatives trading, focusing investor attention on derivatives market and structural options. The situation is frightening investors by reviving the ghosts from the CAO (China Aviation Oil) incident of 2005.
November 25th,2008
Bullish GS Announces No Reduction in Its ICBC Shares, Again
Singapore's Temasek is similarly bullish with GS about China's banks, not merely resisting any reduction in holdings but actively adding to its stash.
May 19th,2009