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China Mobile 2008 Performance Down, Particularly in the Fourth Quarter
The 2008 performance of China Mobile, China's largest mobile telecoms operator, has disappointed the market, as the company, with 457 million users, is suffering from the economic crisis.
March 20th,2009
China Mobile's OPhone Launched Soon, Targeting iPhone
OPhone mainly supports TD-SCDMA network, but can also support GSM network and LTE-based 4G network.
May 12nd,2009
Wooing iPhone: the Saga of China Mobile and Unicom
With the news that China Unicom will soon introduce Apple's iPhone in China, it seems iPhone is only one step away from users here. However, with smuggled iPhones popular in China while iPhone is getting a cold shoulder in Japan, what conditions China Unicom will accept from Apple may stir up a sensation. China Mobile and Hong Kong CSL have not been willing so far to accept what they term iPhone's arbitrary conditions. Operators have developed a love-hate relationship towards iPhone and Apple.
April 3rd,2009
As Its Ophone Débuts, China Mobile Keeps in Touch with iPhone Opportunities
September 2nd,2009
Porn Crackdown Sees China Mobile Suspend WAP Services: 10 Million Yuan Loss a Day
In order to fully disassociate itself from cell phone pornographic websites, China Mobile has announced it will suspend charges from its business partners, such as for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol, providing Internet content and value-added services to mobile terminals), and undertake a comprehensive clearing. This is the second clearance of China Mobile since the "second confirmation" of the SP policy issued in 2006.
December 2nd,2009