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China to Launch RMB-Settled Foreign Trade to Address Surplus
Although China's exports are falling, its imports are declining more quickly, the monthly trade surplus is still vast, and China's forex reserve is still swelling. With the gathering fear of long-term USD depreciation, China is working to start settling its foreign trade with RMB, instead of USD.
March 7th,2009
China's Excess Liquidity Trap
In spite of the fact that average per capita income is still very low (about $2,500 in 2007), China has become a super well-funded country. Household deposits in the banking system are very high and increasingly liquid; large enterprises are on average very profitable and cash-rich; the government ran a budget surplus in 2007; the country is a net exporter of capital and has more foreign exchange reserves than it knows what do with.
August 19th,2008
China's Trade Rebound Hailed as Stimulus Policy Takes Effect
China's imports and exports are seeing some light after slogging through a dark tunnel. Although total imports and exports are both still declining year on year, the decline has slowed. More importantly, March imports and exports saw a steep month-on-month growth, which China Customs hailed as a "considerable sign of rebound." China's trade surplus also continues its rapid growth.
April 10th,2009
China's New Year of the Tiger Looks to Be One of Trade Conflict with the US
China's imports and exports, imports in particular, are expected to show sharp recovery growth in the first quarter. Exports and imports are expected to increase by about 16% and 32%, respectively, over the same period last year, and China's trade surplus is expected reach around $43 billion, down around 31%.
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