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Survey: Over Two-Thirds of Chinese Economists Favor Gold Over US Bonds
In a survey of major Chinese economists, more than two-thirds are reportedly bearish on the prospect of China increasing its holdings of US government bonds, and believe instead the nation should putting more of its hard-earned into gold.
March 2nd,2009
Gold Retail Buy-Back Surges across China
The gold rush has gone global, but the flight-to-quality is taking different forms in different markets. While the US and Europe are experiencing a surging demand for the glittery stuff itself, investors in China have been stepping up the monetization of their bullion reserve since February. The stark contrast reflects investors' different confidence levels towards their countries' monetary and financial systems.
March 3rd,2009
Gold Speculators Itching to Jump on Any China "Dollar Bust" Policy
Why is the market hyping gold? Malicious inflation, steep USD depreciation, the collapse of the global monetary system, conflicts between China and US due to the depreciation of China's forex reserve, China's selling of USD and purchases of gold, the only choice for the country at the moment-all can be reasons.
April 8th,2009
Chinese Speculators Play on: Is Gold the Next Bubble?
There is a feverish quality to Chinese speculative investing, a tendency for the herd to rush into the next asset or instrument as though this for certain going to be the Bonanza Strike, the one that puts us over the top.
gold;speculation December 23rd,2009
Eyeing Gold Mine in Uzbekistan, Chinese Consortium Invest in AIM Quoted Oxus
Under the terms of the Financing, members of the Concert Party will make an investment in Oxus of approximately US$85 million by way of the issue of new Ordinary Shares in the company and convertible loan notes. In addition, members of the Concert Party will be granted warrants to subscribe for new Ordinary Shares in the company exercisable within five years of Admission for approximately US$20 million in return for an undertaking to arrange a further minimum of $80 million in project finance.
gold;Oxus; January 12nd,2010
Li Yining: China Should Buy More Gold to Prevent Depreciation of FX Reserves
One option is oil, the black gold.
gold;FX reserves March 10th,2011