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Huge Capital Outflow Likely in 2008 Second Half
$111.2 is net outflow under capital and financial account. Taking the $40 billion foreign direct investment in the second half of 2008 into account, foreign exchange outflow will be even larger.
March 23rd,2009
China Promotes Issuance of IMF Bonds to Diversify Its Forex Assets
Besides promoting the IMF to take a stronger role in supervising and stabilizing international currency issues, China is also seeking a way to diversify and more securely operate its forex reserve assets, such as buying bonds issued by the IMF, instead of merely continuing to accumulate US national debt. This would be conducive not only to China's forex asset security, but also to the IMF exercising influence in the current financial crisis.
March 24th,2009
China Looking to the IMF as Alternative to USD
With the Fed having decided to pile into US government debt, and on the eve of G-20 summit in London, the People's Bank of China (PBoC) Governor Zhou Xiaochuan, along with the chief of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, has sent a deliberate message that China may seek an alternative to the US dollar as its forex reserve currency by cooperating with International Monetary Fund.
March 25th,2009
CIC and SAFE: Coordination or Bureaucratic Conflict?
Underlying the creation of the CIC was a long-running bureaucratic dispute between the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the People's Bank of China (PBOC), China's central bank. SAFE's attempts to expand its own equity investments, clearly encroaching onto the CIC's turf, is likely more reflective of these bureaucratic conflicts than a coordinated government strategy for investing China's foreign exchange reserves.
June 24th,2008
Chinese SWF: We Behave Better Than Hedge Funds
With the holiday season over now, those countries who, acting like Santa Claus, used their sovereign wealth funds (SWF) to extend the lifeline of hard hit banks and other financial institutions on Wall Street need to rethink their image if they intend to buy more.
sovereign wealth funds January 9th,2008
China's Opaque US Treasury Portfolio Serves for a Lousy Financial Times Analysis
Besides its central foreign exchange business center with four investment divisions in Beijing, China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange operates the SAFE Investment Company, Ltd., in Hong Kong, as well as trading rooms for direct investment in London, Singapore, and New York.
August 24th,2009
SAFE Hires Top Fund Manager to Diversify Reserve Investment
China's foreign exchange reserves are managed by SAFE's Reserves Division, which currently employs 300 people worldwide, 250-260 of those in the Beijing headquarters. It comprises nearly 20 departments, ranging from asset allocation, investment management, risk management, clearing, accounting, and compliance, among others.
SAFE;exchange reserves;CIC December 28th,2009
SAFE's Billions Slipping into US, Foreign Markets
The State Administration of Foreign Exchange(SAFE), the agency stewarding China's $2.4 trillion foreign exchange reserves under the People's Bank of China, has invested billions of dollars in a number of US hedge funds and asset management firms, including Pacific Investment Management Co,(PIMCO)、BlackRock, and Bridgewater Associates.
SAFE;exchange reserves;CIC;PIMCO;BlackRock March 15th,2010