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Another Misinformed Commentary on China's High-Speed Rail
That being said, some of the negative commentary about China's ambitions is due at least in part to a poverty of ambition in the West.
high-speed rail,Charles Lane May 25th,2011
iPad2 Supply May be Disrupted as Foxconn's Plant in Chengdu Explodes and Kills Two
So far two people have been dead and 16 injured, 3 of whom are in severe condition in hospital, according to local police services.
iPad2, Apple, Foxconn May 20th,2011
Online Investment in iPad and iPhone Video Games and Applications
The video game and mobile application market is currently one of the most dynamic business sectors. The company Apps Capital has created an area on their website, www.AppsCapital.com, where investors from all over the world can invest in the company online.
iPhone;iPad;Games;Video June 3rd,2010
Is China's Electric Car a Pipe Dream?
Statistics are incomplete but show that more than 40 domestic auto enterprises claim to have mastered pure electric car technology, apparently far outshining the industry in Japan and the United States.
electric car May 17th,2010
iPad's Road to China: Patent Disputes and Tele Giants Loom
China's Apple fans are awaiting the iPad launch here, but at the same time a campaign against Apple iPad is developing.
iPad;Apple;Proview;Great Loong Brother;IPAD;Unicom May 13rd,2010
China's New Energy Car Leadership: State Energy Giants to Build Electric Charging Infrastructure
With the US auto industry having been hit hard and Toyota in recent troubles, the Chinese automotive industry is eager to move ahead.
electric cars February 26th,2010
Top Business Students to Compete for Innovative Solution to Educate 2 Billion Poor Kids
The inaugural edition of the GCC is expected to gather over 300 of the world's best and brightest young business minds to develop innovative and effective strategies to provide a means for learning to the nearly two billion children of the developing world with little or no access to education.
GCC;OLPC;IXL February 25th,2010
China and US Soft Power Play: Internet, Games, and Media
China is implementing a strategy to promote its cultural "soft power," aimed at protecting domestic cultural industries and restricting western media entry of on the one hand, and going abroad to acquire media outlets on the other.
google; Avatar;internet games;media January 27th,2010
Should Baidu Giggle at Google's Possible Withdrawal?
Baidu CEO Robin Li has said that it is difficult to see where Google will be in five years time. He must be aware that, despite the withdrawal of his greatest competitor, Google's withdrawal from China may be a harbinger of troubles for Baidu.
google;baidu; January 14th,2010
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